Financial Calculators

Be better prepared for retirement planning, reducing debt, saving and being tax efficient with these financial calculators.

Financial calculators are valuable tools for providing you with a better understanding of — and control over — your financial life. Financial calculators can help you to discover shortfalls in your retirement savings plan, work out how much your mortgage will cost, and the tax breaks you could get from investing in RRSPs and making charitable donations. We’ve separated our financial calculators into four groups to make it easier for you to find the most relevant one:

Retirement planning calculators

These financial calculators will help keep you on top of your retirement contributions and income.

RRSP calculator

Work out tax savings from RRSP contributions by comparing different contribution levels, income amounts and tax rates.

CPP calculator

Find out the value of your CPP retirement benefits, depending on when you start drawing them.

RRIF calculator

Our RRIF calculator works out your minimum Registered Retirement Income Fund withdrawals and how long your savings will last.

Old Age Security (OAS) calculator

Find out if any of your Old Age Security will be clawed back, according to the level of your annual net income.

TFSA calculator

Discover how much you can contribute to your Tax-Free Savings Account this year, based on your age and contributions.

Mortgage calculators and debt calculators

Keep on top of mortgage payments and affordability, and debt consolidation savings with these financial calculators.

Mortgage payment calculator

Work out mortgage payments based on interest rate, amortization period and mortgage amount.

Mortgage affordability calculator

Calculate the price of a home you can afford based on your income, living costs, debts and down payment amount.

Prepayment charge calculator

Work out the prepayment penalty your lender may charge you if you break your mortgage before your term ends.

Debt consolidation calculator

Find out how much you can reduce your monthly payments and your annual interest costs by consolidating your debt.

Investing calculator and RESP calculator

These financial calculators work out your RESP savings and how much you’ll save by staying invested in the market.

Staying invested calculator

Discover the importance of staying invested and how missing the market’s best months can impact your returns.

RESP calculator

See how much your savings can grow in your RESP over 18 years, compared to contributing for shorter periods.

Income tax calculator and charitable donation tax calculator

Work out your income tax owed and tax breaks you’ll receive from charitable donations with these financial calculators.

Income tax calculator

This will estimate your income tax owing (based on your taxable income and home province) plus your marginal tax rates.

Charitable donation tax calculator

Estimate how much income tax you’ll save when making a charitable donation.