Past Event – Tax Refunds: Why It’s Better Not to Get One

Thursday, March 7th at 1PM

Every year you feel the impact of paying up to 42-45% of your income to taxes. You deserve help. We’re sharing tips and strategies you can apply to your tax return that can help you be as tax-efficient as possible, helping you in the long-run.

Join Herp Lamba, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development and Craig McIntyre, Director Tax & Estate Planning, Advanced Financial Planning as they discuss tax advice that could help optimize your income tax return with Revenue Canada.

This session will cover:

• Tax refunds, and why it’s BETTER not to receive one
• The differences between a tax deduction and tax credit
• How to reduce your income tax deductions at source
• What should you do with the extra dollars in your monthly income

There will also be a virtual Q&A at the end of the discussion to answer some of your questions.